Sally Rooney’s Israel Boycott Fits in With Ireland’s Anti-Israel Hate


Algemeiner: A few weeks ago, Teen Vogue ran an article reporting on the decision of best-selling Irish author Sally Rooney not to have her latest novel translated into Hebrew by a publisher in Israel. The article was titled, “Sally Rooney Boycotts Israeli ‘Apartheid’ …

In a statement, Rooney claimed she is not anti-semitic, but merely acting in line with “the BDS movement’s institutional boycott guidelines.” No one should be surprised at Rooney’s decision — anyone who has read her books could have seen this coming. But Rooney’s selective hostility towards Israel is concerning, and comes amid a surge of anti-Israel hate in Ireland.

In the past, Rooney has openly displayed her hostility towards Israel. In her novel “Normal People,” both main characters attended a 2014 protest against Operation Protective Edge (Israel’s defensive war against Hamas). The author was keen to see antisemite Jeremy Corbyn elected UK prime minister, which gives an insight into her sensitivities regarding antisemitism.

In 2019, Rooney signed a letter in support of a pro-BDS author who saw a German literary award for “tolerance, respect and reconciliation” withdrawn over her support for BDS. This year, she was a signatory to a letter which libeled Israel as an “apartheid state” and its people as “violent colonizers.” Read More …

Opinion: American Magazine October 15, 2021

Rooney is writing within the context of a post-Catholic Ireland. She and her characters grew up in a world where the church’s firm grasp on every aspect of life rapidly weakened after revelations of physical and sexual abuse. “We got rid of the Catholic Church and replaced it with predatory capitalism,” Rooney told The Irish Times in 2017. “In some ways that was a good trade off, and in other ways, really bad.” She writes for an audience that lacks faith in an institutional church, yet yearns for something to believe in. She writes for me and my friends. source

Replacement Theology, embedded in Catholic dogma since the time of Augustine, left a stain of anti-Semitism in Europe that still persists today.

Replacement Theology teaches that all of the unconditional covenants God made to Abraham have passed to the Church, forming a basis for 17th century Covenant Theology in which all the redeemed of Christ are Israel.

Anti-Semitic Christian theologies spawned former Catholic Adolf Hitler, and will welcome the authoritarian anti-Semitic government of Antichrist.

“Then I stood on the sand of the sea. And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his horns ten crowns, and on his heads a blasphemous name” Revelation 13:1

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