Salvini: It Will Take 50 Years To Expel 500,000 Illegal Migrants From Italy


Zero Hedge: Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has spoken out this week against the current rate of migrant deportations in Italy, claiming that it would take 50 years to expel a backlog of 500,00 illegal immigrants unless more than 10,000 migrants are deported per year, reports ANSA.

In an impromptu meeting with other EU officials, he stressed the time sensitivity of the migrant issue.

Although Salvini made clear that he prefers a peaceful  resettlement process for asylum seekers, he leans toward more aggressive deportation procedures after hundreds of additional migrants arriving by boat in the past months have exacerbated problem by overwhelming border control authorities and increasing the backlog.

“If arrivals in Europe are reduced there will be no problem at the internal borders of the EU and we can continue to work peacefully among peoples as we intend to do,” said Salvini, Express reportsmore …

Opinion: And that is just Italy. Top 5 EU countries for Muslim migration as of year end 2016:

  • France 5,730,000
  • Germany 4.950,000
  • United Kingdom 4,940,000
  • Netherlands 1,210,000
  • Spain 2,180,000

Hijrah is jihad by migration, and it refers to Muhammad’s journey from Mecca to Medina (622 AD). Now, it commonly refers to Islam’s migration to Europe.

Radical Muslims see themselves as taking over Europe through hijrah and high birth rates that will turn Europe into a Muslim majority continent. And if the Muslim birth rate is either insufficient or not fast enough, then, according to the radicals, kill the young people—especially the young women.

The strong northern nations embrace Hijrah while the economically weak southern nations are firmly against Islamic migration giving a perfect description of an unstable kingdom made of iron and clay Daniel 2:40-43.

The European Union is on a collision course for a massive breakup and restructuring into 10 divisions with one very different leader that will bring Daniel 7:23-24 to fulfillment.

‘The fourth beast shall be
A fourth kingdom on earth,
Which shall be different from all other kingdoms,
And shall devour the whole earth,
Trample it and break it in pieces.
The ten horns are ten kings
Who shall arise from this kingdom.
And another shall rise after them;
He shall be different from the first ones,
And shall subdue three kings”.

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