Saudi Arabia King To Step Down and Crown His 32-Year-Old Son


Daily Mail: King Salman of Saudi Arabia is planning to step down next week and name his son Prince Mohammed bin Salman as his successor, a source told

  • They added: ‘King Salman will play the role of the queen of England. He will only keep the title “Custodian of the Holy Shrines”
  • Prince Mohammed bin Salman, 32, ordered the arrests of more than 40 princes and government ministers in a corruption probe in early November
  • The Saudi royals were photographed sleeping on bare mattresses on the floor of the luxury Ritz Carlton hotel
  • Once crowned king, the prince will shift his focus to Iran, a long standing rival oil empire to Saudi Arabia in the Middle East, the source said

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Opinion: According to the Jewish Press, Mohammed Bin Salman hopes to enlist Israel’s aid in dealing with its Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah.

Plan B is to fight Hezbollah in Syria” if Israel does not agree to start a conflict with the guerrilla group in Lebanon.

A Sunni/Shia showdown will bring both the US and Israel into focus, and for the first time may find both fighting on the side of Saudi Arabia, should Iran join its proxy Hezbollah.

The new king will hold a long line of titles—Crown Prince, Minister of Defense, Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Council for Political and Security Affairs and Chairman of the Council for Economic Affairs and Development.

Recently, Bin Salman received a new position—chairman of the country’s anti-corruption committee.

The Biblical implications are not clear at this time.