Scientists Working to Help Transgender ‘Men’ Create Offspring in the Laboratory


Evelyn Telfer, a reproductive biologist at the University of Edinburgh, is leading the effort to help biological women who are living as transgender men — many of whom used hormones to bring on male characteristics — create offspring in the laboratory.

The ongoing effort was reported by Massachusetts Institute of Technology — a school grounded in science and technology — in its MIT Technology Review, using the unscientific narrative that biological sex is a choice.

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Arthur Brown, who is transgender -- born female but now identifying as male, reads a comic book at his house in Chicago, Illinois on on May 17, 2016. For transgender people, hodgepodge solutions to the lack of full access to public facilities are now giving way to discussions about basic …

The MIT Technology Review reported on the development, including saying that transgender men are “assigned female at birth:”

For the first time, scientists say they have managed to take eggs from the ovaries of transgender men and get them ready for fertilization in a process completed entirely outside the body. The achievement … suggests that viable eggs can be obtained from transgender men even after years of testosterone therapy, which can stop ovulation.

This would allow transgender men who want children to avoid having to pause gender-affirming medical care and avoid vaginal probes, women’s health clinics, and female-hormone-based treatments, all of which can be physically or emotionally distressing. Telfer discussed her findings, which have not yet been peer-reviewed, in a virtual presentation to the Society for Reproductive Investigation at its annual meeting, which was held in Denver, Colorado, last month.

There are a handful of options for people who choose such treatment but want the option of having biological children someday. Adults can freeze their eggs, for instance. But this typically involves stopping testosterone treatment and allowing a menstrual cycle to return, which can take months. Hormone-based drugs are used to stimulate the ovaries to release multiple mature eggs, which are then collected in a surgical procedure that involves vaginal probes. The procedure can be particularly distressing for transgender men.