Settlements bill puts Israel on collision course with Obama



JPost: “Right wing ministers on Sunday night put Israel on a collision course with US President Barack Obama over settlements, precisely as he weighs a possible peace initiative or action on settlements at the United Nations Security Council in his last two months in office.

Throwing diplomatic caution to the wind, the Ministerial Legislative Committee gave their initial approval to legislation to retroactively legalize over 2,000 settler homes, many of which are built on private Palestinian property.”

When Israel spoke of building a new neighborhood in Shiloh, for example, the US immediately issued a “strong condemnation” and accused Israel of reneging on its promise not to build new settlements.”

Opinion: The seemingly simple matter of settlement homes in the tiny town of Amona and the larger town of Shiloh have the potential to place Obama and the UN against the Abrahamic Covenant and, according to Politico, against President-elect Trump:

“Democratic foreign policy circles hummed with talk that an outgoing President Barack Obama could take a last stab at peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians. But now that they’re on the verge of power, Trump aides say Obama shouldn’t even think about taking such steps.”

In two recent posts “The little Jewish Village that makes Obama’s Blood Boil (here) and “Israel to Build Settler Homes in Shiloh, Despite US Objections (here) we wrote of a growing threat for a Palestinian/Israel conflict over 98 homes for Amona’s citizens.

The conflict over the settlements may well be the precursor to Donald Trump’s pledge to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and the still unfulfilled Psalm 83 prophecy.

All this, as we look towards the 70th anniversary of Israel’s miraculous rebirth on May 14, 2018, fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 66:7-8, made over 2700 years ago.

Interesting times don’t ya think?

(see Bible prophecy 101 chapter 2 “God Uses Number in Prophecy” for the prophetic number 70, and chapter 6 “Pre-Tribulation Wars and Conflicts” for more on Psalm 83)