Shaked: If it were up to me – I would veto the agreement with Lebanon

  • Why did I vote against the government’s decision regarding the maritime border with Lebanon?

I agree that there are advantages in reaching a settlement with Lebanon regarding the maritime border. But not this way. Not out of surrender to the threats of the enemy. A serious thing has happened here: Either we will ratify the agreement or we will end up in a military confrontation with Hezbollah.

When Yair Lapid himself writes that according to the agreement “Israel receives 100% of Karish”, he is in essence saying that without an agreement we will not be able to produce anything from Karish.

“He will cut down the thickets of the forest with an iron axe,
And Lebanon will fall by the Mighty One.” Isaiah 10:34 

The Karish reservoir was ours, will remain ours and it is not any achievement that it remains ours. A strong country does not do such a thing.

The agreement has economic, political and security advantages, but it should have been reached in a different way.

If, according to Lapid, this is a “historic” agreement, then when there is a major and historic move, broad public support is needed, and certainly not to rely on a transitional government that has lost the support of the public. The Knesset, which is the sovereign, must approve such an agreement before elections.

If it was only up to me – I would veto this agreement, as long as it does not come to a vote in the Israeli Knesset.

Lapid wanted to reach a political achievement and therefore compromised with Lebanon and Nasrallah. The only thing missing was the Yesh Atid jingle in the background.

And one more word about the left-wing side in the government that makes sure to speak all the time in the name of the values ​​of democracy. There is a trampling of Israeli democracy here. If Netanyahu had reached such an agreement, three weeks before elections, Lapid and his friends would have shouted that this is the end of democracy.

The right thing to do is to bring the agreement to the Knesset for approval.

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