Shocking Report: Military Is Flying TERRORISTS Out of Kabul — and INTO America


New American: While American citizens stuck in Afghanistan had been required to fill out an online form to be evacuated, a report informs that massive numbers of Afghans are being flown out of Kabul without any proof of identification whatsoever. At least 100 of these refugees are on terror watch lists, and one evacuated man apparently works directly for the brutal Islamic State, infamous for burning people alive and drowning them in cages.

In fact, of the 100,000 people evacuated thus far from Afghanistan, only 5,000 have been American citizens. How many of the other 95,000 will commit terrorist acts in the West? Time will tell — even if our government won’t.

Telling us about the story Friday night was Fox News host Tucker Carlson. He mentioned that after the abrupt closure of the massive Bagram Airfield — an outrageous act that led to the killing of 13 servicemen on Thursday — evacuation of Americans and allies from Afghanistan had to be staged from the virtually undefendable commercial airport in the country’s capital, Kabul.

Carlson then pointed out that the same officials responsible for this debacle are now “overseeing what may be the largest airlift in generations, an airlift of thousands of Afghan citizens into the West and into our country.” But who are these people? Read More