Similar to Arafat, Abbas Is Choosing To Play With Fire


Israel Hayom: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas didn’t even wait 24 hours for the unveiling of the Trump peace plan before angrily flipping over the proverbial table. According to leaks from a closed-door meeting with senior Fatah officials, Abbas ordered the PA’s security apparatuses to no longer prevent Palestinian youths from clashing with Israeli security forces, adding: What we need now is an escalation.

If the reports are accurate, this is a call for a third intifada. The man, who for years sought to separate himself from Yasser Arafat while telling everyone that the path of violence and terror is not his path because it is ineffective and damaging to the Palestinian people, has changed his tune and is now following his predecessor’s footsteps.

And if the leak is correct that in the same meeting on Monday Abbas also castigated the US president in an expletive-laden tirade, then we can also draw another direct line linking him to Arafat, who 25 years ago in Cairo refused to sign a border agreement with Israel. Then, however, it was former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak who lost his patience, calling Arafat a “dog, son of a dog,” and forced him to sign the dotted line. Read More …

Opinion: Abbas, like his former boss Arafat, is a master of claiming to be for peace while stirring up violence such as the recent 2015 knife intifada. How coincidental that in the day of the Trump peace plan, Arafat called Trump what Mubarak called him, “son of a dog”.

Abbas, like his mentor Arafat, learned at the knee of the notorious Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini. Writing in The Tower Magazine of November 2015, Edy Cohen describes, “How the Mufti of Jerusalem Created the Permanent Problem of Palestinian Violence.” Cohen considers al-Husseini one of the most important figures in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict..

Excerpt: Antichrist: The Search for Amalek, pgs. 136-137:

Husseini was the first proponent of militant, Arab Palestinian nationalism. He was an all or nothing terrorist who was determined to drive out or destroy the Jews or be destroyed himself, regardless of how many lives were wasted in the process.

Once he was in power, he began a campaign of terror and intimidation against anyone opposed to his rule and policies. He not only killed Jews but also Arabs who did not support his campaign of violence.

Husseini was not willing to negotiate or make any kind of compromise for the sake of peace. Britain was confused by the extreme hate and complete unwillingness of Husseini and made land concessions to the Arabs that reduced the original land grant from 43,065 square miles to 32,460.

By 1948, the land grant for Israel had shrunk to 5,500 square miles, placing Britain in violation of God’s covenant to Abraham, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.” The sun began to set on the British Empire.

“you will know them by their fruits …” Matthew 7:16.