THE SIX DAY WAR – 52 YEARS AGO (the miracle in the air and on the ground)


Front Page Mag: For years, Israeli kibbutzim around the Sea of Galilee lived in shelters, enduring almost daily Syrian shelling from the heights of the Golan in northeastern Israel. On Friday, June 9, the Israeli cabinet voted to end the 19-year nightmare. IAF jets neutralized the Syrian air force and pummeled its entrenched bunkers on the Golan.

It was literally an “uphill battle,” in which Israel prevailed. By the end of fighting on June 10th, the entire Golan Heights was in Israel’s hands. The next day, a cease-fire was declared and all fighting stopped.

Israel’s Chief-of-Staff Itzhak Rabin, accepting an honorary degree from the Hebrew University three weeks later declared, “Our airmen struck the enemies’ planes so accurately that no one in the world understands how it was done, and people seek explanations or secret weapons; our armored troops who beat the enemy even when their equipment was inferior to his; our soldiers in all other branches who overcame our enemies everywhere, despite the latter’s superior numbers and fortifications –  all these reveal not only coolness and courage in battle, but an understanding that only their personal stand against the greatest dangers would achieve victory for their country, and for their families, and if victory was not theirs, the alternative was annihilation.” more …

Opinion: Excerpt, Antichrist: The Search for Amalek:

“The Bible is packed with examples of God and His angels fighting wars for His children. Virtually all of Israel’s wars, even when they were outnumbered 500 to 1, were won miraculously through the Lord’s intervention.

(The late) Jack Kinsella, in his Omega Letter website, recounts that in the wars from Israel’s 1948 rebirth until recently, the Israelis were often outnumbered many times over. Reports of angels on the battlefield became common.

“During the (1973) Yom Kippur war, a lone Israeli soldier led a captured Egyptian column of tanks back to Israeli lines. When the Egyptian captain was asked why he surrendered an entire tank column back to a lone Israeli soldier, the Egyptian soldier replied, ‘One soldier? There were thousands of them.’

The 1967 war ended in 6 days because God rests on the 7th.