Soldiers of Odin and TX Patriot Network Stand Guard at Muslim Brotherhood Meeting in Houston


JNS: Tempers flared when more than 100 protesters and counterprotesters squared off outside a large Muslim convention (Muslim Brotherhood front group ISNA – Islamic Society of North America) in Houston.

Armed patriots of the Soldiers of Odin and the Texas Patriot Network stood guard outside the convention center in case any Muslim terrorists showed up as they did when Pamela Geller held a ‘Draw Mohammed’ contest in Texas.

There were also radical left wing pro-Muslim protesters and declared Communists who gathered to counter what they like to call the hateful message of armed Islamophobic protesters outside the Muslim conference. more …

Definition: Soldiers of Odin is an anti-immigrant vigilante group founded in Kemi, Finland, in October 2015. The group was established as a response to thousands of migrants arriving in Finland amid the European migrant crisis.

Opinion: That the Muslim Brotherhood is so embedded in the US can be directly attributed to Barack Obama and his 2009 Cairo speech that welcomed the group that had been banned in Egypt for 30 years.

It was no secret then that al-Qaeda, the planners and executors of the 9/11 attacks were part of the Muslim Brotherhood and it was no secret that both Hamas and Islamic Jihad were as well.

Continuing the 2009 apology tour, Obama did a masterful job of selling the world on the idea that it was America’s arrogant, dismissive and derisive attitude that was causing turmoil in the world.

He praised Muslim contributions to science, philosophy, and learning. His mention of “timeless poetry and cherished music” was music to the ears of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas terrorists.

It would be three short years before Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak would be deposed and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammad Morsi elected president of Egypt …

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Brotherhood officials received a warm welcome in Washington, DC …

Image result for obama welcomes brotherhood officials to washington dc

as chaos broke out in Egypt …

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From 2009 to today, the Muslim Brotherhood has expanded to this:

And Barack Obama said it was good.