Still More Appeasement Of Iran From President



Investors Op-Ed: “President Obama didn’t give away the store in the Iran nuclear deal after all. He saved some things to give away now, and they will mean an even greater increase in Iranian terrorism.

Congressional Republicans expect the Obama administration to break yet another promise and have the U.S. allow Iranian business entities to conduct financial transactions in U.S. dollars. It comes amid the Iranian government’s complaints that the sanctions relief of Obama’s nuclear pact, which gives the regime tens of billions of dollars that the world’s foremost terrorist state can use to finance more terrorism, isn’t enough in exchange for its promises not to build the bomb.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei earlier this month accused the U.S. of interfering with Iranian banking.”

Opinion: Here is the bill of goods we were sold: “Iran will not be able to open bank accounts with U.S. banks, nor will Iran be able to access the U.S. banking sector.”  Unlike the “if you like your doctor” lie, this one didn’t have a period for emphasis.

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Source: Slider