SUNDAY POST: Replacement Theology, replacing what God has not



Our post today quotes from Mike Oppenheimer of Let Us Reason Together ministry and Jan Markell of “Olive Tree Ministries”

From Jan:

“What nation could be “apartheid on steroids”? Surely some Islamic stronghold, right?


Try Israel.

That’s according to World Vision’s Steve Haas writing for the Lausanne Movement.

Haas goes on to suggest that all the problems of the Palestinian people perpetrated upon them by Islamic thug dictators are, in reality, the fault of Israel. He even blames the demise of the Palestinian Christian population upon Israel when, in fact, Palestinian Islamic leaders have driven out the Christians.

Haas states, “As peacemakers, we have been tasked by a justice agenda of love and sacrifice. I truly believe we can be pro-Palestinian, pro-Israeli, and pro-justice because we are adamantly pro-Jesus.”1

Don’t believe it.

I’ve been present at a tragic event calledHope for the Holy Land.”

The one-night event visited my alma mater a few years ago, Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. It featured a World Vision rep, Mae Cannon, Willow Creek’s Lynne Libels, and The Holy Land Trust rep Sami Awad.

Their approach offered zero hope for the Holy Land because they only wanted to talk about “the occupation.”

Jesus didn’t live in “occupied territory.” It was and is God’s land and the borders are outlined in the Bible.

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