Sunday Post: The Beginning And The End


The Revelation that came to John was contested from its beginning to the fourth century after Christ. Even then there were Christian leaders that said Revelation should not be in the New Testament.

Revelation never occupied the last place in the canon Scripture until the third century. Sometimes it was attached to Luke and sometimes it was attached to John’s letters, but it was not at the end of the Bible.

Only by appointment of the Holy Spirit did it finally come to occupy the last book of the sixty-six books of the Bible.

Revelation is the only book in the Bible that promises blessing when read aloud.

Heaven and Earth Gen: 2:4 – New Heaven and Earth Rev. 21:1

Paradise Lost Gen. 3:24 – Paradise Regained Rev. 21:3

Satan Enters Gen. 3:1 – Satan Cast Out Rev. 20:10

Earth Cursed Gen. 3:17 – Curse Removed Rev. 22:3

Adam and Eve (only 2 people) Gen. 2:23 – A redeemed people (no man can number) Rev. 22:14

A Garden Gen. 2:8 – A City Rev: 21:2

Tree of Life Gen. 2:9 – Tree of Live Rev. 22:2

River of Life Gen. 2:10 – River of Life Rev. 22:2

God Walking in Midst Gen. 3:8 – God Dwelling in Midst Rev. 21:3

Earthly Marriage (Man-Woman) Gen. 2:21-25 – Heavenly Marriage (Marriage Supper of Lamb) Rev. 21:2

Gold, Onyx stone, Bedellium Gen. 2:11-12 – Gold, Precious Stone, Pearl Rev. 21:18-21

Pain, Sorrow Death  Gen. 3:16-19 – No More Pain, morning or Death Rev. 21:4

Time Ushered In Gen 1:5  – Eternity Ushered In Rev. 21:1-5

The Spirit Brooding Gen. 1:2 – The Spirit and the Bride say Come Rev. 22:17




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