Sunday Study: “DID GOD REALLY SAY?”


Genesis 1 emphasizes that God spoke, and that the tool and act of creation was His voice.

Yet, the verses found in Genesis 3:1-6 indicate a questioning of God, a direct affront to the spoken voice and authority of God.

And that’s all it took for the first humans to decide another voice was more credible than the One who had created all things into being.

The Scriptures are spoken of as “His Word.” God spoke and it was written down. The written message of God to man. The Bible is God speaking and is authoritative in our lives.

Jesus embodied that total message, and that is why He is called the “Logos,” or “Word,” of God (Colossians 1:19; 2:9). Jesus Christ, the Living Word of God, fully God and yet fully man, came to reveal God to man and redeem all who believe in Him from their sin.
The most important relationship you can have in this life is with God. Through reading the Bible you come to understand what God is like – His thoughts, His plans and His promises for you.

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