SUNDAY STUDY: Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?


There is not total agreement among believers and churches concerning appropriate Christian responses to this pagan holiday. Some feel that participation in Halloween and even trick-or-treating is acceptable if alternative costumes and themes are substituted.

Halloween does seem pretty innocent when you have toddlers dressing up as princesses and superheroes, but the holiday itself is truly a festival of fright anddarkness. Jesus died on the cross to keep us from death and the forces of evil, yet we willingly subject ourselves to fear and death when we take part in frightful Halloween activities.

Knowledgeable Christians at the very least will certainly want to avoid Halloween’s more obvious glamorization of the Occult. The Bible is filled with warnings and examples of involvement with the Occult.  If most of your Halloween plans include fear, death, and the demonic, you may need to reexamine your heart.

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