Dying to self means that the things of the old life are put to death, i.e., the sinful ways and lifestyles we once engaged in. “Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful nature with its passions and desires” (Galatians 5:24). Where we once pursued selfish pleasures, we now pursue, with equal passion, that which pleases God.

Dying to self is part of being born again; the old self dies and the new self comes to life (John 3:3–7).

Click HERE to read about Satan’s deception to humanity regarding satisfying our “self”-ish desires.


  1. Thank you, Denise.
    Our sin nature makes us desire our own gain, esp. when we perceive (wrongfully) that the pursuit is a good one, something that will improve us. Eve made this same mistake. A question to ask ourselves is, “What are God’s interests in this (situation, person, activity, etc.)? What does Jesus want to do through me?”
    Our responses will be changed by thinking this way, even if it’s impossible to do all the time.

  2. Timely article, Editor. In the age of the Selfie, could it be any more obvious that people have become lovers of themselves and worship the created rather than the Creator?
    Thanks for the time and effort you put into these Sunday studies. I read them all, even if I don’t always comment. And that Author you live with is doing a pretty good job too! LOL

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