Support Growing for Itamar Ben Gvir as Government Minister


Israeli support is growing for the possibility of a ministerial post for right-wing Otzma Yehudit chair and MK Itamar Ben Gvir, as seen in the latest poll by Israel Hayom and Ma’agar Mochot conducted at the start of the week — but the deadlock between the right and left remains.

The question arises in light of Israel’s upcoming national elections on November 1 — the fifth time Israelis are being asked to cast their ballots in less than four years.

In the poll, 44 percent of those surveyed responded that Ben Gvir’s appointment as a government minister would be “legitimate.”

On the other hand, 40 percent responded that such an appointment would NOT be legitimate.

” … And Jerusalem will be trampled by Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.” Luke 21:24

The administration of US President Joe Biden has expressed its adamant opposition to any appointment of Itamar Ben Gvir as a minister in the next government.

Most of the public – 51 percent of respondents – said the Israeli Arab Balad party has no place in the Knesset and should be disqualified; just 18 percent said Balad should not be disqualified. However, a full 31 percent ducked the question, with responses ranging from “do not know” to other replies.

The matter was decided by the Central Election Committee in a ruling last Thursday – not the first time such a decision was made. Past similar decisions were overruled by the Supreme Court, and once again Balad has filed an appeal for the court to overturn the ruling.

Balad opposes the state of Israel as a Jewish state and supports the creation of a binational state instead.

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