Swedish Lutheran Bishop: Muslim Call To Prayer “Good For Society”


Infowars: Fredrik Modéus, the Bishop of Växjö:

“It is natural in a multicultural and multi-religious society that different traditions and religions are heard, are visible and are interacting for a good society,” said Modéus in a statement, adding, “I therefore welcome the application for call to prayer.”

The Bishop said the call to prayer was no different to church bells and should be embraced.

The application is likely to be granted because others have already been approved in Stockholm. This means that the call to prayer, known as the adzhan, which is broadcast five times a day in Islamic countries via loudspeakers and usually begins with the refrain “Allahu Akbar,” will soon ring out across Swedish towns and cities.

Opinion: In 2014 as ISIS was taking over Iraq, Barack Obama called the Muslim call to prayer “the sweetest sound on earth“.

Meanwhile as thousands of Christian churches close in Europe, mosques are taking over the properties. The call to prayer is broadcast 5 times daily:

Respondents to the Bishop’s statement were not so positive.

“Maybe the next step will be that the Church of Sweden adapts to Sharia law as well?” asked one.

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  1. The Lutheran Church has never really abandoned many of their Catholic roots and traditions. And much like the Catholic Church, the Lutheran Church has formed a very liberal mindset when it comes to dealing with all things Biblical. According to them pretty much everything in the Bible is up for random interpretation. Not a Christian? No problem! God will accept you in Heaven. Don’t believe in God? Don’t sweat it! You still get to go to Heaven. Muslims say they are illegally living in your country? Then rule number one is to welcome them to destroy your church and all that is in it, and invite them to take it over for their own purposes. After all, we worship the same exact god, right? (For the slow readers with no sense of humor, that was a bit of sarcasm)

    Here’s the thing: God already knows the hearts and thoughts of each of us. If the Lutherans and Catholics choose to forge an evil alliance with Islam then that will most likely be the final nail in the coffin of their beliefs. It is not as if they were all that close to being a Biblical society anyway. Their stubbornness and pride have been their focus of worship for centuries.

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