Syrian air defense units intercept Israeli missiles near Damascus, thwarting THIRD raid in a week


RT: The Syrian military intercepted two missiles fired by Israeli fighter jets at the Damascus suburb of Set Zaynab over the weekend, thwarting the third airstrike in just a week, using Russian-made air defense systems.

The airstrike was conducted from outside Syrian airspace at around 5:40am Sunday morning, when two Israeli F-16 jets fired two guided missiles targeting unspecified facilities in the town of Set (Sayyidah) Zaynab 10km south of Damascus.

Syrian air defense units equipped with Russian-made Buk-M2E systems successfully intercepted both of them, the head of the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria, Rear Admiral Vadim Kulit, said in a daily briefing. Read More …

Opinion: From Bible Prophecy 101 Chapter 6

The Burden of Damascus (Isaiah 17:1, 4, 14)

v.1: “A message concerning Damascus. Observe! Damascus is about to be undone as a city.”

v.4: “In that day it shall come to pass that the glory of Jacob will wane, And the fatness of his flesh grow lean.” (Israeli casualties)

v.14: “At evening tide, lo, terror! Before morning they are gone. Such is the fate of those who pillage us and the lot of those who plunder us.”

FACT: Damascus, the capital of Syria, is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, population approximately 2 million.

Although Damascus was conquered many times in history, and the city was partially destroyed in 732 BC when the Assyrians defeated the Armenians, the city was never totally destroyed.

Russian-made air defense systems shot down ALL Israeli missiles targeting Syria’s Homs – military

Isaiah’s prophecy was so accurate that the partial destruction of Damascus, that likely happened in his lifetime, did nor dissuade him form prophesying the future complete destruction of the city.

In chapter 10 of our study titled “Unfulfilled Prophecy” based on Dr. John Walvoord’s book, “Every Prophecy of the Bible”, we wondered if the prophecy of Damascus destruction could be the catalyst that would touch off the Psalm 83 invasion fulfilling Ezekiel 38:8, followed by the Gog Magog Russian led surprise attack.

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