Tech sector collapse continues in Bidenflation economy as Google latest to announce thousands of layoffs


The technology sector under Joe Biden’s inflationary economy continues to downsize rapidly, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to rebound any time soon, with Google becoming the latest to announce massive layoffs.

The division of Alphabet announced this week that the company would be laying off 12,000 people, many of them in senior positions or were recently promoted, adding to anger and confusion over the move. That’s about 6 percent of Google’s global workforce.

“While employees had been bracing for a potential layoff, they are questioning leadership about the criteria for layoffs that surprised some employees, who woke up to find their access to company properties cut off. Some of the laid-off employees had been long-tenured or recently promoted,” CNBC reported late last week.

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Tech sector collapse continues in Bidenflation economy as Google latest to announce thousands of layoffs

The outlet continued:

Shortly after CEO Sundar Pichai’s initial email to employees Friday morning, Google’s search boss, Prabhakar Raghavan, sent an email to employees saying he also feels “the responsibility to reach out” and asking them to save questions for a town hall scheduled for Monday. There will be “bumps in the road” as the organization moves forward with the layoffs, Raghavan said. So far in the U.S., employees have been laid off across business units including Chrome, Cloud, and its experimental Area 120 unit. Some employees working on the company’s artificial intelligence programs were also laid off, according to Bloomberg.

Questions from confused employees were posted to Dory, the company’s internal question-asking forum, according to CNBC. One of the top-rated questions asked: “How were the layoffs decided? Some high performers were let go from our teams. This negatively impacts the remaining Googlers who see someone with high recognition, positive reviews, promo but still getting laid off.”

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