Technocrats Want “Mandatory” Carbon Credit Cards to Control Every Facet of Your Life


Summit news: Technocrats are preparing “mandatory” personal carbon allowances that would introduce rationing into every area of your life via an app that would record your travel, heating expenses, and even the food you eat. The card automatically shuts down when the carbon footprint gets too high.

Yes, really.

The proposal was presented in the science journal Nature by four environmental “experts” as a means of reducing global carbon emissions.

Everyone would be issued with a ‘carbon allowance card’ “that would entail all adults receiving an equal tradable carbon allowance that reduces over time in line with national [carbon] targets.”

The authors make it clear that the program would be a “national mandatory policy.” Read More

Opinion: Mandatory for whom? Why the masses of course.

“Do not harm the oil and wine” found in Revelation 6:5-6 prophesies how the wealthy, or 1%, are the only ones who can afford oil and wine during hyperinflation and will not feel the hardship… yet.

Let’s add Carbon Credit Cards to the list of societal controls:

  • Social credit score
  • Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance evaluation
  • Digital money (CBDCs)
  • Cameras/ facial recognition software
  • Phone/appliance/auto spying software
  • Mandatory Carbon credit cards

Article: Carbon units would be “deducted from the personal budget with every payment of transport fuel, home-heating fuels and electricity bills,” and anyone going over the limit would be forced to purchase additional units in the personal carbon market from those with excess to sell.”

This means that the private jet-flying rich could simply bypass the system entirely (which they would part-own via investments anyway) by simply buying carbon credits and carrying on living their luxurious lifestyle.

The proposal makes clear that the means of measuring a person’s uptake of carbon units for travel would function “on the basis of the tracking the user’s movement history.”

I have to admit this is a new one. By the time Antichrist takes the world stage, control of the planet’s 8 billion people will be handled from a laptop.

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