Terrorist Groups Hamas, Fatah Reconcile



The Times of Israel: “Delegations from rival Arab terror groups Hamas and Fatah (PLO) met on Saturday evening in Doha, Qatar, to discuss implementing their 2014 reconciliation agreement, leading Hamas member Ismail Radwan told Turkish state news agency Anadolu.

“We hope to agree on a common vision with a view to applying the terms of the reconciliation deal,” Radwan told Anadolu.

Hamas had said that it and the PLO had reached a “common view for the practical implementation” of the 2014 reconciliation deal with a view to ending long-running differences between the two factions. But they did not disclose any further details

Opinion: The reconciliation between the two groups brings the Psalm 83 war into view as both Edomite factions are present. Lets review:

The Psalm 83 Arab alliance:
1. Edom (modern day Palestinians, West Bank and southern Jordan)
2. Moab (Palestinians, central Jordan)
3. Ammon and Lot (Palestinians, northern Jordan)
4. Amalek (Arabs of the Sinai, al Qaeda or Islamic Jihad)
5. Ishmaelites (Saudi Arabia)
6. Hagrites (Egypt)
7. Philistia (Gaza, Hamas)
8. The inhabitants of Tyre (southern Lebanon, Hezbollah)
9. Gebal (northern Lebanon, Hezbollah)
10. Assyria (Syria and Kurdish northern Iraq)

While three other participants of the future war are making news on a daily basis:

  1. #4 – Amalek Arabs of the Sinai
  2. #9 – The Inhabitants of Tyre – (Lebanon) Hezbollah
  3. #10 – Assyria – Armies of Bashar Assad/Syria and ISIS/northern Syria and Iraq

They have said, “Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, That the name of Israel may be remembered no more.” Psalm 83:4


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