The World and The Church: Where Are They Headed?


The Berean Call(.org): Excerpts: “Amillennialism, with its inherent “setting up the kingdom” motivation, is similar to a ship’s compass that is off a few degrees. It cannot guide the ship to its intended destination.

Beyond Calvinism’s unbiblical eschatology, amillennialism is the most common belief among professing Christians. It is the view of Roman Catholics, Greek and Russian Orthodox churches, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Anglicans, Episcopalians, the Church of Christ, and most Independent Baptists.

Many Calvinists follow Augustine’s method of biblical interpretation, relying heavily on allegory and the spiritualization of Scripture. That’s a subjective way of making the Bible say anything you want.”


Opinion: A must see transcript/video. In our Bible Prophecy 101 Chapter 3, “Doctrines that Divide Christians (here) we explore the three theologies that dominate Christian pulpits today.

As the time of the end draws near, it is critically important for Christians to take a stand on which platform they believe: the doctrines of Christ or of Antichrist.

You can read the entire transcript here.



  1. Excellent presentation! As I noted in my dissertation, modern man mocks the gospel message, responds to Christ’s miracles as myths and fables, and stands clueless to the signs of the time due to Satan’s blindness and the “church is the kingdom now” amillennial view. The one observable physicality – prophecy, what was predicted centuries ago which is now being fulfilled – is only taught by a small part of the church. To a great extent, the 21st century church considers itself as the doxological centrality of God’s plan and purpose (Roman Catholicism does as do most of the large protestant denominations), particularly as these end times approach. The only church to find itself in the time of trial will be the apostate church of the Antichrist. Revelation 3:10 is quite specific that the true Church will not be here during the HOUR of tribulation much less in it.

    [For those who would like a very readable Greek exegetic study of this verse, I refer you to Robert Thomas’ work “Revelation 1-7: An Exegetical Commentary.” It can be purchased used from Amazon for under $20]

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