The Big Guns Are Out: Soros, Rothschild Warn Of Brexit Doom; Osborne Threatens With “Suspending” Market



Zero Hedge: The big guns are officially out.

– “My 60 years of experience tells me the pound will plummet, along with your living standards. The only winners will be speculators” – George Soros
– “All the evidence shows that Brexit would be a disaster” – Jacob Rothschild
– “You cannot in the end protect people from the economic shock that leaving the EU would bring about.” – George Osborne

Opinion: BREXIT: A vote is being held on Thursday, June 23, to decide whether Britain should leave or remain in the European Union.

  • Who’s for leaving the EU? –  Older Brits, conservative-right citizens
  • Who’s against leaving EU? – Younger Brits, progressive-left politicians

The main points for leaving the EU are:

  • Bringing immigration under control
  • Control over child benefits for migrant workers
  • Control migrant welfare payments
  • Safeguards for Britain’s financial services industry to prevent Eurozone regulations
  • Running its own affairs

The European Union is well on the road to a western-run global government that was prophesied in Daniel 7:20-24. If BREXIT passes, it could provide a speed bump towards the revived Roman Empire unless other countries follow suit and chaos follows.

If, however, BREXIT fails, tremendous power will be coalesced in Brussels that would necessitate a Super President to bring all 28 nations, and future members, in line with a globalist agenda.



Source: Slider