The Case for Christ – The Movie


The New American: There have been many Christian movies in the history of American cinema, including The Greatest Story Ever Told, Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, and Ben-Hur. The Case for Christ compares favorably with any of them.

The movie is a dramatization of Lee Strobel’s book by the same name, which has sold 14 million copies. It is the true story of an investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune who sets out to disprove the Christian faith after his wife becomes a Christian. He is told by someone that if he wants to destroy the Christian religion, then he needs to demonstrate that the cardinal belief of that faith — the resurrection of the Jesus Christ — simply did not happen. Then the remainder of the Christian faith will collapse “like a house of cards.”

Strobel (played by Mike Vogel) and his wife (Leslie) are both non-believers at the beginning of the movie; she later explains to someone that although she was raised in a Christian home, she and Lee had “moved on” from that.  more …

Opinion: In the past year, Editor and I did something we almost never do. We purchased a movie, Risen, on pay-per-view. Since then we have played it on several occasions, especially when our children visit.

We are planning to purchase The Case For Christ. My only regret is that I didn’t have a small notepad Saturday night at our local theater.

Lee and Leslie Strobel’s story is not unlike Editor and me. Having both been raised Catholic, neither of us had ever read the Bible. My late mother invited my wife to a BSF class to which I was less than pleased.

It wasn’t long before Editor informed that she had become born again to which I became angry and asked her to stop attending. To make matters worse, she was taking our two sons, age 3 and 5, with her.

My reasoning went like this: You are going where I am not, and if you are going to do this at least let me come along. My frustration only grew as I was informed that the class she was attending was for women only, and that men had a separate class.

It was a Billy Graham program one night that offered a prayer line. I called the 800 number looking for someone to talk to, and the person prayed for me and sent me a daily devotional called “My Utmost For His Highest”. Editor and I still read those pages after almost 17 years.

As many of you know, a short time later I had a surprise encounter in a flight from Dallas to California with a Bible teacher from the Southern Baptist Seminary, who gave me a three hour private Bible lesson, which changed my life permanently.

The Case for Christ is a must see, but be sure to bring a small notepad.


  1. Thank you, Author. I never tire of hearing people’s stories of how they met the Savior (and with my memory, I can hear them over and over and they are always new. :o). Think of the billions of stories we will be able to hear when we get to heaven. Somehow, eternity doesn’t seem all that long when you think of it that way. :o) The book is great and sounds like the film is, too. I pray for open hearts – willing to watch it and then take Him in.

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