The Coming Tunnel War


Debkafile: “The IDF and Hamas are engaged in another round of warfare both above and below ground. The two sides are exchanging fire in the Gaza border area while the IDF continues its operations to locate the terror tunnels of the Hamas military wing.

More than a year after the end of “Operation Protective Edge” in 2014, which was supposed to eliminate the threat of tunnels to southern Israel and restore calm among citizens, the Israeli government finally ordered the Defense Ministry and the IDF to listen to the complaints of Gaza border area residents, and to what was happening beneath the ground.

Opinion: What’s an Edomite to do? Habits from a 4000 year old of blood feud are not easy to change.

The ancient hatred between Jacob and Esau is playing out in full view of a Biblically deficient world that sees the conflict as having started in 1948.

The nations have accepted that Jordanian Arabs are entitled to the land of covenant between God and Abraham Isaac and Jacob, despite the fact that Jordan was created for that very purpose:

A state for Jews and a state for Arabs, side by side.

But that is not what this is about. You see Esau vowed to kill Jacob (Genesis 27:41) over the land that he sold for a bowl of soup, and he keeps failing time after time.

In 586 BC, Esau’s descendants helped the Babylonians take the Jews out of that land (Obadiah 1:11) and God promised that:

  • Shame could cover them (Oba. 1:10)
  • What they have done will be done to them (Oba. 1:15)
  • They would be destroyed (Oba. 1:18)

Tick tick …


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