The crux of Abbas’ Fatah remains: Terror and Martyrdom for “Palestine” as Fatah celebrates 57 years of terror


While PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is busy meeting with Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz for “trust building,” his Fatah Movement is preparing for its 57th anniversary on Jan. 1st, which celebrates Fatah’s 57 years of terror on the date of its first terror attack against Israel in 1965, attempting to blow up Israel’s National Water Carrier.

But while Abbas is telling Gantz words of trust, a look at what his Fatah is telling Palestinians about Fatah’s values pretty much tears that trust to pieces.

““Because [a]the Lord has sworn: the Lord will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.” Exodus 17:16

As Fatah’s anniversary approaches, Abbas’ movement is reminding Palestinians what it’s all about: Terror and death as Martyrs for “Palestine”!

Celebrating the upcoming anniversary of the Intilaqa – “the Launch” of Fatah, Fatah’s branch in Hebron posted the poster above of masked men in military uniform wearing yellow Fatah headbands and holding assault rifles. The posted text states that Fatah’s goal is “victory” and “liberation” of all imprisoned terrorists:

Text on image: “The Fatah Movement
The anniversary of the Intilaqa of the original Fatah rebel
Jan. 1, 1965
57 [year anniversary]
The Fatah Movement Information Committee in Hebron”

Posted text: “Long live Fatah and long live the anniversary of the Intilaqauntil the victory and the liberation of our prisoners and of the destination of Muhammad’s Night Journey [Jerusalem]

[Facebook page of the Fatah Movement – Hebron Branch, Dec. 21, 2021]

The Hebron branch also praised Fatah as “the ones who give birth to a Martyr every day”:

Posted text: “A morning of self-sacrifice, we are masters and not slaves, and we are the ones who give birth to a Martyr every day
Long live Fatah”

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