Hillary Promises to go after Tax Schemes that made the Clintons Rich



The Daily Caller: “Hillary Clinton criticized the use of offshore tax havens on Monday, even though she and husband Bill have been paid millions of dollars in investment income, consulting fees and speech honoraria from companies doing business in the Cayman Islands.

“We’re now in a position, I think, where we can go after some of these schemes that you did read about, the kind of misclassifying of income, trying to make it look like it’s a capital gain, when it’s really ordinary income, going ahead and routing income through the Bahamas or the Cayman Islands or wherever,” Clinton told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes during the interview.”

Opinion: Politics of deception. The president lied about same sex marriage even evoking God “in the mix“. He lied 42 times on health care, while the former Secretary of State, and National Security advisor, lied multiple times about the Benghazi massacre that cost the lives of a US ambassador and 3 US diplomats.

Now the Democrat front runner is running to the far-far-far left because a socialist is challenging her in the polls while Republicans are turning on their front runner.

Tell me again, who is the father of lies? John 8:44

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