The Day Netanyahu’s Walls Of Denial Broke Down


YNet News: We won’t forget what happened Tuesday. It’s the day the walls of denial broke down. Like in the theater, when a curtain falls on the last act of a play.

It was like watching police cars chase a robber on America’s endless highways. Agitating hours of dramatic and fateful revelations, which are expected to change not only the life of the man sitting by the wheel, but the face of this country.

Tuesday’s revelations were horrific. Everything we knew, or thought we knew, about corruption seemed like nothing compared to what was revealed. more …

Opinion: Until yesterday I had this figured as the Israeli version of a Mueller witch hunt. Now I’m not so sure.

Last night one of the members of our Wednesday night prophecy study group asked me what I thought of the new development in the case against Netanyahu. That on Tuesday, the day before a confidante of Netanyahu seemed to be willing to spend his entire life in jail as long as his master remained unharmed, came completely undone on Wednesday.

Wednesday was the day that Communications Ministry Director-General Shlomo Filber signed a state’s witness agreement.

My friend, Carlisle, wondered that if Netanyahu were forced out and a secular liberal were to get in power, would that not pave the way for a peace deal complete with a two state solution?


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  1. Oddly enough, this is exactly what Donald Trump and Jarod Kushner have been pushing for all along. The US government and the seedy little trolls that hide in the cracks of the White House have been pushing hard for a two-state solution for a very long time. And Trump and Kushner have been pushing harder than the rest.

    Should Netanyahu be forced out of office, I would like to see Neftali Bennett take command. Bennett enjoys putting the US government in their place and reminding them that Israel is not a US state. Bennett is also an intelligent leader who listens to those he works with, unlike Netanyahu who tends to pretend to listen while he has already made up his mind on certain issues. Neftali Bennett has a very good working relationship with Israel’s Justice Minister, Ayelet Shaked, who is not afraid to deal with the PA and other terrorists in ways they should be treated.

    It is time for a new period in Israel. Time for the nation of Jews to finally be led in the right direction by a leader who knows where they should be going.

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