The Great Sports Reset: The UN Plan to Use Athletics in Their Push to “Build Back Better”


Recovering Better: Sport for Development and Peace Reopening, Recovery and Resilience Post COVID-19” spells out the ways that the sports we watch and participate in can help to usher in the brave new world that Schwab and other prominent globalists wish to foist upon us, whether we like it or not.

Sprinkled throughout with globalist buzz words such as “sustainable,” “transformative,” and “inclusive,” the document lays out how sports can be “an ends and a means in the recovery from the impacts of COVID-19.”

“The multifaceted and unprecedented impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have torn at the already fraying social fabric, deepening inequalities, sharpening divides and heralding a need for transformative change,” writes UN Secretary General António Guterres in the forward for the brief.

“The world of sport was among those sectors most visibly affected — both hard and early. Already a pioneer and promoter of inclusive and sustainable development in an unstable and unequal world, the sporting world must now redefine and redesign itself, not only to improve its resilience to future shocks, but to broaden its contribution to the world’s efforts to meet the Sustainable Development Goals,” wrote Guterres. Read More


  1. How does the word “sustainable” relate to the sports world? Sustainable footballs? Maybe they’ll make’em out of tortilla shells so they’re biodegradable? Baseballs will be substituted for the super hard dinner rolls my grandmother used to make?

    Progressives love the work “sustainable” and throw in front of everything. Unfortunately in most cases it means absolutely nothing.

    Have a great and sustainable day!

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