The Impotent U.N.’s Dangerous Iran Delusion



Investors Op-Ed: “United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon asks Iran to “act with moderation” after it fires nuclear-capable missiles. The real force for peace is Israel’s prime minister, who calls on the world to punish Tehran.

The U.N. is supposed to promote non-violence by pressuring the world’s potential aggressors. Had we had such an international body in the 1930s, so the thinking goes, an organized, united world would have stopped Hitler before he tried to take over the planet, unleashed a global war and committed genocide against Europe’s Jews.

The reality is completely different, and the U.N. proved it for the umpteenth time last week.”

Opinion: Ban Ki Moon lives in a progressive fantasy world where moderation, caution and good sense actually mean something other than appeasement.

The United Nations Secretary General’s term ends 0n December 31, 2016. Until then, the thug-cracy that makes up the UN search committee for Ban’s replacement will have to find someone with unprecedented global popularity, a strong and compelling public speaker and a progressive thinker who is all in with respect to:

  • Universal healthcare
  • Gun control
  • Climate sustainability
  • Strict business regulations
  • Two state solution
  • Tolerance for Islamic terror
  • Open borders
  • Amnesty
  • Iran nuclear deal

Now that will be tough to find!

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Source: Slider