The International Criminal Court Threatens Middle East Peace


Jewish Press: The International Criminal Court (ICC) waited until after US President Joe Biden took the oath of office before unilaterally handing itself territorial jurisdiction over Israel — more than a full year since the pre-trial chamber was asked to rule on the matter.

Mindful of President Donald J. Trump’s sanctions against ICC staff, including revoking Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda’s US entry visa, and his warnings against efforts to brand Israel and other allies as war criminals, court officials lacked the steel to make an announcement while he remained in the Oval Office.

The ICC has long had its sights on what it no doubt considers an unholy trinity: Israel, the US and Britain. Read More …

Opinion: While the ICC has been after the US over Afghanistan and UK forces in Iraq, Israel has always been the prize.

A few headlines to make the point:

December 21, 2019

ICC prosecutor says Israel committing war crimes, opens investigation

The ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda believes Israel is committing war crimes in the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza and has opened an investigation into the matter. read more

December 21, 2019

Hamas hails ICC for readying probe of alleged war crimes by Israel — and itself

Fatou Bensouda, the ICC’s chief prosecutor, said Friday that in addition to there being grounds to probe Israel, there was also a “reasonable basis”… read more

December 23, 2019

US Secretary of State Slams ICC Israeli “War Crimes” Investigation

“Today, the ICC prosecutor raised serious questions about the ICC’s jurisdiction to investigate Israel. Israel is not a state party to the ICC… read more

May 4, 2020, just months before the US election, the ICC let it be known why it was pursuing Israel:

ICC Prosecutor Doubles Down That Palestine Is A State

JPost: International Criminal Court Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda on Thursday doubled down on her position that “Palestine” is a state in a climax bringing closer a grand all-out alleged war crimes legal battle with Israel. read more

September 2, 2020

International Criminal Court officials sanctioned by US Trump Administration

The US has imposed sanctions on senior officials in the International Criminal Court (ICC), including chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda. read more

God always raises up a protector for Israel. With Donald Trump out of the picture, who is next for such a time as this? Esther 4:14.