Spain Meets ISIS Al-Kharsha Brigade



DEBKAfile’s counterterrorism sources report that the full name of this Brigade is Amniyat Al-Kharji. Recruits undertake exceptionally rough training. They are also treated psychologically to survive the first stage of an attack long enough to draw it out for maximum casualties, while accepting their own death for the cause.

Few of the hundreds of recruits joining this brigade finish the course as postgraduate terrorists. Others are sent back to their countries and told to wait for a prearranged signal to go into action.  A few stay on in Syria to act as liaison between the central ISIS command and the clandestine cells spread out in many countries.

According to Western intelligence experts, some 50 terrorists from Britain, France, Germany, Spain and Belgium, have completed the Al-Kharsha Brigade’s course of instruction and are fully qualified for mass murder atrocities in any of their countries.

It is also estimated that of the 5,000 European jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq up until early 2017, one-third, i.e. around 1,600, have returned home. more …

Opinion: A British fighter interviewed by the Independent UK said this: “It takes seven months to be trained in al-Kharsa brigade,” while in front of his Kurdish captors.

“It is very hard. Every European who crosses the border to Syria, they are offered [the opportunity] to join. If 20 start the training, only five finish it. Then after that they go back to Europe and attack.” 

There are times I wince when listening to politicians talk about smashing ISIS. It becomes instantly obvious that they have no idea who, or what they are dealing with. Esau’s hatred is so deep for his brother Jacob that it has survived in the bloodline for all these years (Ex.17:16).

And the name ISIS which morphed out of a weakened al Qaeda, now has an elite force killing machine called Al-Kharsha, reminding me of the game wack-a-mole.

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Any nation who supports or houses Jacob is an enemy of every Arab or Persian military group. It almost sounds too simple but the final wars of the this age will be fought over a lost birthright, Genesis 27:41.

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