The Ongoing Decline Of British Power


Zero Hedge: The British government purports to be re-establishing the UK as an independent nation state by leaving the EU, but British power and ability to decide its own policies are continuing to ebb in the real world.

The latest evidence of this is the decision by the Home Secretary Sajid Javid to give precedence to the US in putting on trial two alleged ISIS members from London, who belonged to the notorious “Beatles” group in Syria that specialised in torturing and beheading their captives.

The humiliating admission by a country that it is incapable of dealing effectively and legally with its worst criminals is normally made by states like Colombia and Mexico, which extradite drug lords to the US. Their governments are implicitly confessing that they are too feeble and corrupt from punishing their most powerful lawbreakers. more …

Opinion: The question as to when the sun set on the British Empire is directly connected to Bible prophecy. The irony is that the Church of England is so overwhelmed with Replacement theology that its members have no idea that the British government’s acquiescence to the Arab League created its own demise.

By 1948, Yasser Arafat had learned to incite terror against the Jewish people over the land of promise from the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini.

“… Yet Jacob I have loved;
But Esau I have hated …” Malachi 1:2-3.

Husseini was the first proponent of militant, Arab-Palestinian nationalism. He was an all or nothing terrorist who was determined to drive out or destroy the Jews or be destroyed himself, regardless of how many lives were wasted in the process.

“Even though Edom has said,
We have been impoverished,
But we will return and build the desolate places” Malachi 1:4.

Once he was in power, he began a campaign of terror and intimidation against anyone opposed to his rule and policies.

He not only killed Jews but also Arabs who did not support his campaign of violence. Husseini was not willing to negotiate or make any kind of compromise for the sake of peace.

Britain was confused by the extreme hate and complete unwillingness of Husseini and made land concessions to the Arabs that reduced Israel’s original 1922 land grant from 43,065 to 32,460 sq. miles.

“Thus says the Lord of hosts:

“They may build, but I will throw down;
They shall be called the Territory of Wickedness,
And the people against whom the Lord will have indignation forever” Malachi 1:4.

By 1948, the land grant for Israel had shrunk to 5,500 square miles, placing Britain in violation of God’s covenant (Genesis 12:3) to Abraham, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.” The sun began to set on the British Empire.

(Excerpt Antichrist: The Search for Amalek revised)