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The Return: We need to make an honest inventory of personal as well as corporate (national) sin. In order to rectify them, we must acknowledge these sins, own them, and humble ourselves before the Lord. Pray that the Lord helps us, giving us the spiritual fortitude and grace to not only recognize spiritual deficiency but to be remorseful in spirit, pleading for His mercy and forgiveness.

“Consecrate a fast; call a solemn assembly. Gather the elders and inhabitants of the land to the house of the Lord, your God, and cry out to the Lord. ‘Yet even now’ declares the Lord, ‘return to me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning; and rend your hearts and not your garments.’ Return to the Lord your God, for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love; and he relents over disaster.” (Joel 1:14, 2:12-13 ESV)

In the book of Joel, the prophet recognized that the Day of Judgment by God was at hand. He then called for a holy convocation (a solemn assembly) of all people and their leaders to repentance. The Bible gives many examples of solemn assemblies, but its main focus is a special time allotted for the repentance from sin(s) that may invite the judgment of God upon the nation. Read More …

Opinion: The list of speakers headed by Jonathan Cahn and the schedule of topics is the first red flag that there will be an absence of any mention of the rapture of the church (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17).

The Return Schedule

Cahn is the author of “The Harbinger” a 2012 book about a series of signs, or omens, which he believes have manifested in America beginning with the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

The author believes he discovered an ancient mystery in Isaiah 9:10-11 that “explains everything from 9/11 to the collapse of the global economy.” Although he used a fictional
narrative as a framework, the book is based on what he believes are undeniable facts from the biblical text, the corresponding history of 8th century B.C. Israel, and current events of the last decade in America. As Cahn stated at the beginning of the book, “What you are about to read is presented in the form of a story, but what is contained within the
story is real.”

Not only does The Harbinger fail to reveal a mystery in Isaiah 9:10, but despite the much-needed call to repentance, the book presents a danger to believers and unbelievers alike. source


Cahn has also associated himself with Kenneth Copeland, billionaire religious huckster.

The second red flag is the reference to the apocalyptic book of Joel that is set deep in the tribulation, whereas the church will have been residing with Jesus 1 Thess. 4:16-17 for at least 7 years.

If we pull Scripture from Jesus (Revelation 3:10), and Paul, (1 Thess. 1:10, 5:9, 4:16-17; Rom. 5:9; 1 Cor. 15:51-52) we can be assured that the saved church of Jesus Christ is nowhere to be found in the 7 year tribulation period.

Jeremiah 30:7 records the purpose of the tribulation:

“Alas! For that day is great,
So that none is like it;
And it is the time of Jacob’s trouble,
But he shall be saved out of it.”

Jesus brings the Jewish remnant to salvation:

Zechariah 12:10 And I will pour on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of grace and supplication; then they will look on Me whom they pierced. Yes, they will mourn for Him as one mourns for his only son, and grieve for Him as one grieves for a firstborn.

Romans 11:26-27 “And so all Israel will be saved …”

“The Deliverer will come out of Zion,
And He will turn away ungodliness from Jacob;
For this is My covenant with them,
When I take away their sins.”

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  1. Author, thank you for another eye opening glimpse of some of the personalities and their import regarding end time prophecy! I was a big fan of J Cahn’s “Harbinger” – for me, the jury is still out on that. However, he was a big “Blood moon” advocate and 5 years later to the month, nothing has happened. I became suspicious of him when he began associating with huckster, Jim Bakker, who is a noted postmillennialist i.e marketing apocalyptic food to carry you thru. Now, I see him with one of the greatest hucksters of all time, K Copeland. In viewing the “R” program lineup, Nicky Cruz is a noted Post tribber, Anne Graham Lotz is a pretribber, her father, Billy, was noncommittal. But why Mike Lindell? He is a Christian entrepreneur. He has a great testimony but does he have anything of value to add to any prophecy view? Is he there to represent America’s returned prosperity when we collectively repent and return to God! Will I then be able to trade my aging Honda on a brand spanking new Lexis or Mercedes (that’s not what it is about for me).

    The non-pretribbers hate Rev. 3:10. They try to wiggle out of what is says in the plain Greek future tense by allegorizing it to mean the church is protected “through” the tribulation, not taken from the trib. If it fits in this comment box, the following is from my dissertation relating to the “Church in the Tribulation:

    Perhaps the most direct and concise expression of a pretribulational rapture, which uses a normal literal use of language both in Greek and the translated English, is seen in Christ’s promise to the church of Philadelphia found in Revelation 3:10. Below in two phrases is the Greek- English translation:
    • First Phrase: (kago se thrhsw ejk thß w{raß tou peirasmou” “And I also will keep you from the hour of trial…”
    • Second Phrase: ‘thß melloushß e›rcesqai ejpi thß ojikoumenhß o{lhß” “…which is about to come upon the whole inhabited earth.”
    The first phrase has two “restrictors.” 1) The word combination thrhsw ejk means keep from or keep out of. thrhsw is the verb to keep and the preposition ejk, when used with the genitive, means from or out of a place, origin, or source. Therefore, its meaning is keep from or out of, and tou peirasmou means the trial. 2) However, when ek is used in conjunction with the hour (thß w{raß), it further modifies and restricts a presence factor during the trial that not only keeps one from or out of the trial, but in addition, also keeps one from or out of the hour of the trial. In other words, one’s presence during the hour of trial is not possible. Here is the roughly parsed Greek to English translation: kago (And I), se thrhsw ejk (will keep you from or out of), thß w{raß (the hour), tou peirasmou (of the trial). This promise is proclaimed in the simple future tense. No secret “hand shake” needed nor any “wink and a nod” mysterious translation of the Greek is called for.
    If the Lord’s promise to His Church is one of safe haven through not total absence from the tribulation, then He would have had the Apostle John use the Greek preposition “dia” (dia, as in diameter) which means through. Or, as Dr. Chafer notes, the Lord could have had John also write “en th wÓra” to clarify He meant preservation in the hour, but instead He had John write “ek ths wÔras” meaning out or from the hour. Remember, John is receiving direct dictation from the Lord Himself. There are no accidents or mistakes
    Yet, persuasive amillennial scholars invariably try to convince their students and congregations that the simple future tense meaning of the Lord’s promise to His true Church is one of safe haven through, not total absence from the time of trial. Case in point is Princeton PhD William Hendriksen who, in his work More than Conquerors, attempts an allegorical sleight of hand that has the 144,000 Jews from the twelve tribes of Israel as the church in pitched battle against Satan and his minions. Soon his theme becomes absurd when he starts to mix Old Testament prophetic passages with portions of Revelation 12 that has Christ bearing the church on eagle’s wings to a safe haven where a place is prepared for them to be nourished by the “manna” of the Word. Here the church resides away from the face of the serpent. Hendriksen uses fluffy “Jesus speak” to make foul doctrine smell better.
    This brings up the second phrase in Revelation 3:10 which in itself is the third restrictor, “…which is about to come upon the whole inhabited earth.” If the Church is going to be kept from the trial; and further, if the Church is going to be kept from the hour of the trial; and the trial is to cover the entire earth, then there is absolutely no time or place on earth for the Church to exist during this time of trial, or tribulation. This is not difficult to comprehend unless one is smitten with spiritual blindness or early patristic church gnostic double talk which still exists today.

    [Sorry, the Greek got muddled in the transfer from Microsoft Word]

    • You are welcome and I can especially relate to your comment “The non-pretribbers hate Rev. 3:10. They try to wiggle out of what is says in the plain Greek future tense by allegorizing it to mean the church is protected “through” the tribulation, not taken from the trib”, it has been tried on me many times.

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