The Slow Implosion Of The European Union


Zero Hedge: It was just supposed to be a trading organization, a way to make commerce easier and in so doing build a sense of friendship and understanding on a war-ravaged Continent. In fact it was called “The Common Market.” But even after having joined (after years of being blocked from membership by President Charles de Gaulle of France), Britain had doubts.

For decades a parade of prime ministers implored the E.U. to halt its efforts for the closer integration of nations. Their entreaties fell on deaf ears. On came the E.U. flag, the E.U. anthem, rules and regulations on literally every facet of human life. Officials began talking about a “federation” of states, with a common foreign policy and army. And then came the common currency: the euro, a fraud of monumental proportions because it sought to replace national currencies that are based upon the economic realities of each nation with the illusion of fiscal strength based on “solidarity.”

It is, in reality, deeply dishonest with a distinctly anti-American flavor. Ever suspicious of Continental combinations, the British looked on in anger. When they finally had their say, they wanted out. Read More …

Opinion: With Britain out of the EU and Poland, Hungary, Greece, and Italy said to be watching developments very closely to decide on a pullout, the once 28 state union could shrink to 23 states.

Daily FX here reports that Sweden, Estonia and the Czech Republic are considering exiting, leaving 20 member states.

But Bible prophecy tells us there will be 10 horns (nation-states) with great power in the revived Roman Empire. Daniel chapter 2:39-41

Daniel’s 4 empires:

(Rome and revived Rome are considered 1 empire or kingdom)

  • Head of gold: Babylon
  • Chest and arms: Medo-Persia
  • Belly and thighs: Greece (Alexander)
  • Legs of iron: Rome/Constantinople
  • Feet and toes: first view of revived Rome

Daniel 2:42 teaches “And as the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly fragile” a perfect description of the EU today with economically strong northern states. and economically weak southern states.

  • Daniel 7:23 gives us a frightening description of the final empire
  • Daniel 7:24 repeats the 10 horns (nation-states) and introduces the 11th king
  • Daniel 7:25 Antichrist speaks against God and persecutes God’s people, the Jewish people.
  • Revelation 13:1-2 Names the Antichrist as the Beast and confirms the 10 horns
  • Revelation 13:4 False resurrection, Antichrist is inhabited by Satan
  • Revelation 17:12 The 10 horns of the beast are the 10 kings who eventually relinquish their power to beast

We left off with 20 possible nation-states in the revived Roman Empire and the UK Express pulls out Ireland and France, which leaves 18. Bible prophecy says there will be 10.

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So we keep watching …