The Upstart Prince of Saudi Arabia


NYT: With the tacit backing of his father, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince has established himself as the most powerful figure of the Arab world, rushing into confrontations on all sides at once.

The crown prince has moved so quickly that American officials worry that he is destabilizing the region. Signs of potential blowback are growing. more …

Opinion: Talk about a whirlwind. Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) was appointed Crown Prince on June 21 2017 making him heir apparent to the throne, following his father’s decision to depose Muhammad bin Nayef.

In five months the 32 year old prince has been turning the Arab world upside down. Bin Salman appears to have the backing of the US president, and to make matters even more interesting, has a working peace partner in Jared Kushner, an Orthodox Jew.

In addition to challenging the religious clerics, arresting 11 princes in the Saudi family and over 200 elite business men, here is a sample of what MBS has been up to since June:

  • MBS ordered Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to Riyadh, where he is said to be under house arrest
  • MBS ordered Mahmoud Abbas to accept Jarred Kushner’s peace plan
  • MBS declared that a Houthi missile fired from Yemen with the help of Hezbollah was Iranian-made and an act of war
  • MBS ordered the closure of all ports and grounded all humanitarian flights setting up a potential humanitarian disaster in Yemen
  • MBS is forging ahead with the Aramco IPO to transform the Saudi economy from oil to other revenue sources
  • MBS is leading the effort to build a $500 billion mega-city to be powered by regenerative energy

War with Iran?

Beginning in 2009 the balance of power in the ME shifted to Iran’s Ayatollahs when Barack Obama decided not to meddle in the powerful Green Movement that arose after the Iranian presidential election, in which protesters demanded the removal of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from office.

In 2016 as part of the P5+1 Iran nuclear deal and release of US prisoners, pallets of billions of dollars of Obamacash was sent to Iran.

Image result for pallets of billions in Obamacash

A Saudi/Iranian war at this point could prove to be a global debacle with the 20% of the world’s oil shipped through the straits of Hormuz.

Image result for map showing iran and saudi arabia

The prophet Ezekiel 38:13 indicates that in the future war of Gog and Magog, Saudi Arabia (Sheba and Dedan), Britain (lion), and the US (young lions) will be powerless.

A US/Saudi alliance may be the catalyst.