Iran nuclear talks took a turn this weekend – what does it mean? – analysis

Ebrahim Raisi, a candidate in Iran's presidential elections waves to the media after casting his vote at a polling station in Tehran, Iran Friday, June 18, 2021. Iran began voting Friday in a presidential election tipped in the favor of a hard-line protege of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, fueling public apathy and sparking calls for a boycott in the Islamic Republic. (AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi)

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The world powers’ JCPOA nuclear negotiations with Iran are potentially back on track after the European Union and the Islamic Republic jointly announced sufficient progress this past weekend.

What changed over the weekend? How will the upcoming round of talks differ in a way that could lead to a deal, whereas several rounds of talks in both 2021 and 2022 through March come to a dead end?

The room where it happens

There are hints that the US and Iran will finally be in the room together, something that has not happened since the start of negotiations in April 2021. While there might have been unofficial direct exchanges between Americans and Iranians, the official binding talks all involved shuttle diplomacy by the P5 (England, France, Germany, China and Russia) between US and Iranian representatives in separate nearby locations in Vienna.

This arrangement was demanded by the Islamic Republic and always hindered clear communication and expectations between the sides. The EU-Iran press conference this weekend hinted that Biden administration officials and representatives of Iran President Ebrahim Raisi may finally look each other in the eye. This raises expectations of this being the end game and enables the sides to know exactly where the other party stands.

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 Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei speaks during the 33rd anniversary of the death of the leader of Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, at Khomeini's shrine in southern Tehran, Iran June 4, 2022. (credit: OFFICE OF THE IRANIAN SUPREME LEADER/WANA (WEST ASIAN NEWS AGENCY)/HANDOUT VIA REUTERS)

Sponsored by Qatar or some other Middle Eastern sponsor with EU help – not the P5 – EU officials said that the framework of the new talks would not be the JCPOA’s P5. This raised expectations that China and Russia will be sidelined. Putting them off to the side could be important now that the US and the EU are in a massive conflict with Russia, which could turn out to be longer and more serious than even their conflict with Iran.

US-EU relations with China are not as bad as with Moscow, but have also gotten heated. It may be that it will be easier reaching a deal without those two countries present.

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