“The Zionist enemy” murdered Arafat by poisoning him with polonium – PA spreads the libel


Palwatch: Despite the fact that forensic investigations by different countries concluded that Arafat did not die of poisoning (see details below), the PA disseminates the libel that their iconic leader Yasser Arafat was murdered by polonium poisoning by “the Zionist enemy.”

During recent events marking the anniversary of Arafat’s death, PA and Fatah officials repeated this libel:

Fatah Central Committee member and Chairman of the PA-supported Yasser Arafat Foundation Nasser Al-Qidwa:“Israel is the one that poisoned Yasser Arafat and that is the cause of his death… From the first moment, we as an organization and as the Palestinian leadership have said this death is not a natural death.

This death is a political assassination that Israel decided to carry out. Afterwards we learned that the method of the political assassination was poison, and specifically polonium-210.” [Official PA TV, Nov. 9, 2020] Read More …

Opinion:  Yasser Arafat is Antichrist #8 in our book “Antichrist: The Search for Amalek”. As I researched each of the 10 candidates, Arafat continued to astonish me as to his popularity with anti-Israel progressive leftists around the world right up to his death in 2004 and beyond.

Excerpt: “According to the former head of Romanian intelligence, Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, who is one of the highest-ranking communist defectors of all time, Rahman al-Qudwa (Yasser Arafat) became an important political ally of the communist bloc following the death of Egypt’s president, Gamal Abdul Nasser, in 1970. Gen. Pacepa’s account of Rahman’s intimate relations with the communist bloc is related in a book entitled Red Horizons.

As it happens, Pacepa tells us that the Communists trusted Rahman because he was a voracious homosexual. This alone made him a workable Kremlin puppet, because once the Romanian intelligence services had taped Rahman’s sex sessions with men and boys, he was completely in their hands. Afterwards, Rahman’s friendship for the Communist bloc would be permanent—if he valued his growing popularity in the Arab world.

“Rahman al-Qudwa is better known as Yasser Arafat, the chairman of the PLO since 1968 and the president of the Palestinian Authority—which is now at war with Israel. According to General Pacepa’s account, Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu ordered his people to bring Arafat over to Romania.

In late 1970, the chief of Romanian intelligence in Egypt, Gen. Constantine Munteanu, arrived in Bucharest with Arafat in tow. Munteanu had gathered an extensive file on Arafat, which characterized the PLO leader as “so much cleverness, blood, and filth all together in one man.”

Pacepa says that this was Munteanu’s “standard definition of Arafat”. Since 2004, Arafat’s cause of death has been attributed to:

• A stroke brought on by a mystery blood disorder
• A massive, hemorrhagic cerebrovascular accident
• The flu
• Poison by the Israelis

All are obvious distractions from the most likely diagnosis of AIDS.”