Think engineered famine could never happen? Learn the story of the HOLODOMOR as history repeats itself


As we are forced to watch the global economy be deconstructed in real time, the surreality of it all is bringing into much clearer view the fact that this is an engineered depopulation phenomenon – including the coming global famine that is already in the works.

The powers that be are right now pulling the plug on industrial agriculture, it would seem, but under the guise of saving the planet from “climate change.” What they are really doing is knocking over the dominoes that will eventually lead to mass starvation.

” … And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.” Matthew 24:7-8

Image: Think engineered famine could never happen? Learn the story of the HOLODOMOR as history repeats itself

This type of thing has all happened before, though on a much smaller scale. The Holodomor, a man-made famine event that occurred in Ukraine from 1932-33, appears to be making a return amid all the financial and economic chaos we are now witnessing.

As a little history lesson about the Holodomor, at least 3.9 million Ukrainians were deliberately starved to death by the Soviets in the years leading up to World War II. Today, at least 18 countries recognize the Holodomor as a state-sanctioned genocide. (Related: The U.S. government is using American taxpayer money to engineer a famine right here in our own country.)

“On the surface, the Holodomor was disguised as ‘the need of bread for the cities,’ amplified by industrialization,” explains World Atlas about how the event was framed at the time.

“While the need for bread in cities was real, the Holodomor was carried out by the Soviet government as part of the broader Soviet famine that targeted the grain-growing regions of Russia and Kazakhstan from 1931-34.”

The Holodomor, according to World Atlas, was part of a much broader Soviet campaign “of repression and persecution against the Ukrainian identity, aimed at destroying any seeds of independence and cultural autonomy in Ukraine following the Ukrainian-Soviet War in which Ukraine had briefly established itself as an independent state. (1917-1921).”

The globalization that occurred post-WWII has made it possible to inflict another Holodomor, but on a global scale

If this all sounds familiar, that is because it is happening once again – except this time on a global scale.

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