To Our Readers


Since yesterday, Author has been in the hospital (for the 2nd time in a month), and will try to continue his Posts and Headlines from a hospital bed.

I ask for your prayers during his time of illness, and that we trust together in our Healer for his complete recovery (James 5:16).

Thank you so much as we gather in His Name on behalf of RC (Matthew 18:20).


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  1. We so desperately need faithful watchmen like you, Author. Prayers to our God and Father for guidance for the doctors, healing for you, and peace, comfort and assurance for both you and your family. I so appreciate your site and insight, your writing, your love for Jesus’ and His soon return. Thank you, Editor, for keeping us posted. God Bless, you two.

  2. Thank you for your ministry. I join in praying for healing. I pray also that you would feel God’s comfort and peace.

  3. To Yahweh Rapha (The Lord that heals) we pray for the healing of the author of this fine website that truth may continue to be heard for all who have ears to hear.

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