Omega Letter Has Closed


Jack Kinsella graduated to glory on March 14, 2013 at 12:30 PM. Jack’s daughter Keri has maintained the Omega Letter website ever since.

I became interested in Jack’s writings in 2004 and joined the OL family a few years later.

In 2011, Jack asked his readers to write what the OL meant to them. Here is what I said:

“Back in 2004-05, I used to read the news on the Drudge Report each morning. After finishing the news I would scroll down to Ann Coulter, and then to Hal Lindsey’s column.  If I remember correctly, Jack’s column was attached to Hal’s.

As time went by, I would look forward to Jack’s column more and more, and would call my friend in another city to make sure he saw them.  We would both marvel at the depth and discernment that we found.

Not long after that, I found the Omega Letter website and added it to my daily reading.  For a while I was reluctant to join as a member as I was still testing the waters to make sure that it was sound doctrine.

I joined the OL fellowship first in ’06, I think, and then my friend joined also.  We still speak about the letters almost daily.  The phone call goes like this, “Hey, did you read Jack today? Yeah, it was incredible, how in the world does that guy do this 6 days per week, amazing!”

The OL is now my home page when I log in to my PC.  Sometimes when the letter comes in later than normal (I am up at 5:30 am), I have already clicked on it several times as I try to guess, based on the morning news, what his letter will be about that day.

In our Bible study group, we sometimes use a particular letter of Jack’s on an overhead screen, as we did last week, with ”Breaking News From 702 BC” as the week’s topic.

The OL is my inspiration to write the Prophecy Tracker blog and a prophecy study that Jack has graciously chosen to publish. I can’t tell you how many times I have told my wife/editor how inadequate my work seems after reading the daily Omega Letter.

I was a fairly new believer in 2005, having been saved in 2000.  The Omega Letter has deepened my faith, motivated me to study more, and encouraged me to ask the Holy Spirit for a greater understanding of God’s unfolding plan.”

In 2011, Jack gave me my start. First, he published Bible Prophecy 101 on the OL website, and shortly later he posted the link to this blog.  Many of our readers still come from the Omega Letter website.

In 2014 Jack’s daughter Keri posted the 1st edition our book “Antichrist: The Search for Amalek” on the OL home page. The book is dedicated to him.

Thanks Keri, God speed.

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  1. Thank you for this post, Author and Editor. I, too, looked forward to reading Jack’s articles every day. He and Ron Graham (Rapture Ready) died within a few months of each other and it was a great loss to me as they were both so knowledgable and their writing was deep, yet understandable. I was still reading the articles over there almost every day when I saw the notice. Hard to believe. So sad to see it go, but kudos to Keri for keeping it up all these years. Who would have thought back then we’d still be here today? Certainly not me. Probably not Jack, either. Anyhow, so thankful for that site as it led me to Prophecy Tracker!!!! Many Blessings to you all! One of these days… God keeps his promises… and He cannot lie. Let’s all stay awake – just a little bit longer. Maranatha!

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