Top paper tracks down, locates suspected Jan. 6 FBI informant


Assessment: Mysterious Ray Epps at center of theory that feds provoked the  January 6th Capitol riot …

One of the world’s biggest online newspapers,, tracked down the mysterious Arizona activist who remains unindicted in the Jan. 6 riot investigation despite being seen in numerous videos directing people to storm the Capitol building.

The Rupert Murdoch-owned British tabloid didn’t advance the story, and it framed the evidence-backed suspicion that Ray Epps was an FBI provocateur tasked with inciting a riot as a “fringe theory” from “some right-wing corners.”

But the paper’s decision to send paparazzi to Arizona to take telephoto snapshots of Epps at his Rocking R Farms ranch puts a spotlight on a story ignored by establishment media. The extensive investigative legwork has been done instead by the website Revolver News and its founder, former Trump speechwriter Darren Beattie. did get a quote from Epps: “Get off my property.”

And, pressing further, it got a follow-up response: “Get off my property.”

In its report Tuesday, the paper further said that some people “on the far right hypothesize that the [feds’] motive was to frame Trump supporters as domestic terrorists.”

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