Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Kushner Accuses Israel of being ‘LAND-EATERS’ for Fulfilling Biblical Command to Settle Judea

That Jared is trying to score points with Edom is a precursor to Bible prophecy for the last days ...

Macron using Lebanon as a gateway to Iran

So is Emmanuel (God with us) Macron the one?

Kushner: 100% possible, and logical, for all 22 Arab states to recognize Israel

What surprises me is that Jared is a religious Jew who either has not studied the Jewish prophets, or is ignoring them ...

Deutsche Bank Meltdown? $50T Debt Leads To Systemic Collapse! Be Ready!

Germany is the linch-pin of Europe. And Europe is the best fit for Daniel's revived Roman Empire ...

Netanyahu: Israel Will Roll Out Red Carpet For UAE Delegation

Headline after headline heralds peace between Ishmael and Jacob ...

Protesters Construct Guillotine Outside Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s Home

Previews of the Apocalypse continue to appear ...

Can the Temple Mount be a Trading Card to Entice the Saudis?

Jews in Israel are not even allowed to pray on the holiest site the world...

Pope Francis Backs ‘Universal’ COVID Vaccination For All, WHO Thrilled

the pontiff continues his push for Marxist social justice by stealthy demonetization of the rich ...

EU Edges its Way Toward Defining a ‘New Europe’

the German chancellor and French president tackled the most pressing issues on the global agenda...