Report: Netanyahu Reaps Stunning Economic Benefits in Weekend Visit to Europe

“You’re going to fall off your chair,” reporter Yossi Baum tweeted Monday night ...

The Normalization Of Antisemitism: Have We Reached An Irreversible Tipping Point?

Their logo is some sort of parody of the ADL logo, using the colors red, black and white–subliminally or not–similar to the Nazi logo ...

In Biblical Israel’s oldest city, tradition of Purim is canceled due to terrorists...

"Remembering what Amalek did and the other Amaleks we've encountered is meant to keep us aware and sharp and ready to fight ..."

SUNDAY STUDY: Purim, sunset Monday, March 6 to sunset, Tuesday, March 7, 2023

God has preserved the Jews as His (chosen) people group, and will continue to do so to the Millennial reign of Christ.

Biden Poking God In The Eye – US Enables UN Vote Against Israeli Settlements

Over the past week, the Biden administration has crossed two ominous red lines ...

US ‘Extremely Concerned’ Over Fresh Israeli-Palestinian Escalation

the Hamas terror group in Gaza told i24NEWS that militants in the Strip were discussing how hard they should attack Israel ...

What? Biden giving WHO authority over U.S. sovereignty?

Joe Biden is getting ready to sign the U.S. up to a "legally binding" deal ...

What is driving terrorism in Jerusalem?

The defense expert stressed that while there is no “magic solution" ...

Prophecy Today Radio, February 18, 2022: Revival

Examining currents events in the light of God's Prophetic Word ...