Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Britain ‘Seriously Concerned’ About Israel’s Construction Plans

What US president abstained on UN Resolution 2334 making Israeli settlements illegal? ...

Pompeo: Al-Qaeda Has New Home Base In Iran, Threatening Region, Abraham Accord

Bin Laden’s wicked creation is poised to gain strength and capabilities ...

153 UN states call on Israel to ‘renounce possession of nuclear weapons’

...the same UN that wants Israel to give back all land taken in the defensive war of 1967 rendering the nation wide open for attack?

How the EU is Trying to Overthrow the Israeli Government

Outrageously, the EU and European governments and NGOs are in effect financing the attempted coup against Benjamin Netanyahu....

Flailing in the face of COVID-19, Israel is now on the brink of catastrophe

And what do the United States and Israel have in common? ....

UAE: Palestinian State At Pre-1967 Lines A Must Despite Peace Deal With Israel

I have posed the question several times, can all the good President Trump has done in Israel be undone?

Netanyahu: Palestinians will resume peace talks in November

Behold Jacob and Esau ...

A Prophetic Perspective on Signing the Biblically-Inspired Abraham Accord

the writer of the article speaks of a spirit of coexistence among Muslims, Jews and Christians ...

UAE Minister: Our Treaty With Israel References a Palestinian State

While the world celebrates peace we are reminded of a verse ...