Saturday, December 3, 2022

Disney CEO Warns Wokeness Will Go On Even If People Aren’t “Happy”

Iger said “one of the core values of our storytelling is inclusion ..."

The Next Generation of Doctors Will Be Diverse, Woke and Incompetent

Is the world being prepared for global depopulation? ...

There’s Something Terribly Wrong With Balenciaga and the Rabbit Hole Goes Deep

Why would they even think of doing that? Short answer: A whole lot of them are pedophiles ...

Prophecy Today Radio Broadcast November 26, 2022

Examining current events in the light of God's prophetic word ...

Post-FTX Regulatory Crackdown Will Erode Liberties, Accelerate Path To CBDC ‘Social Engineering’

I have been trying to understand this so-called crisis since it began. I will try to keep it simple ...

Olive Tree Ministries Newsletter: The Days of Noah

The churches are silent, and the protests are few, even to protect those innocent who can't speak for themselves ...

Happy Thanksgiving Day (2022)!

May JESUS be everything to you this Thanksgiving!

As Iran gets closer to a nuclear weapon, what does biblical tradition say about...

A senior official recently told Associated Press that the Biden administration has “hit a wall” ...

Reuters wants DEPOPULATION to achieve “climate justice” – says too many people alive

Secular men and women will witness the 1st mass population reduction, but don't take my word for it ...