Thursday, October 22, 2020

U.S. Gov’t, Tech Industry Discussing Ways To Track Americans

Brick by brick, stone by stone a template for a new government is being built ...

Israel 25 Years after the Oslo Accords: Why Israelis Shy from Victory

Oslo was a 7 year land for peace plan that grew out of the Madrid Conference of 1991 ...

Federal Reserve To Quarantine Dollars From Asia On Covid-19 Transmission Concerns

Ok class, what prophecy would fit this headline?

Pope Francis-Approved Communist Parallel Chinese ‘Church’ Approves Abortion, Contraception

“Pope Francis has not one word of comfort, not one word of consolation ...

NYT 1969: Spike food supply with sterilization chemicals for global infertility and depopulation

Get it out of you head that climate change is a harmless movement to protect mother earth ...

Mastercard joins ID2020 Alliance

The biggest most powerful people and companies in the world are using Covid-19 to set up global controls ...

Anti-establishment billionaire Andrej Babiš named Czech PM

Andrej Babiš, a tycoon turned populist politician who has been compared to Donald Trump ...

Is China’s Embrace Of Blockchain A Warning Shot To The West?

Virtually every government issued currency in the world is fiat currency ...

Pope Francis Goes Silent on Hong Kong Protests as Christians Take Major Role

Pope Francis sold out Chinese Catholics on September 22, 2018 ...