Saturday, December 4, 2021

Israel Approves $1.5B to Target Iran’s Nuclear Program

While Israel is planning for a possible military attack on the Iranian nuclear program...

SUNDAY STUDY: Why Satan Believes He Must Destroy Israel

...the survival of Israel results in the eternal perdition of Satan. How can this be?

Biden Admin: ‘Our Position Against Israel Building Homes in Judea and Samaria is Clear’

Can you imagine this stupidity taking place anywhere else in the world? ...
Hamas terrorist with hand raised

‘END TIMES’ Wing of HAMAS Reveals which Jews will be Killed, Spared When ‘PALESTINE...

the beginning of a final battle, in which Lebanon, Syria and Jordan must participate ...
chain breaking

SUNDAY STUDY: How To Overcome Habitual Sin

How did Christ overcome when tempted? By the Word of God...

Biden sends private message to Bennett to stop settlement construction

Two-state solution Joe is carrying on the same worn out solution as his predecessor ...

Shocking Survey: Majority of US Christians Don’t Believe Holy Spirit Is Real

One of my sons recently asked me if I had only 1 verse that could prove the Bible is the word of God what would it be? ...