Thursday, February 25, 2021

SUNDAY STUDY: Triune Man – Body, Soul, and Spirit

Originally created in God's own image, the Spirit of God could live in Adam and Eve.

SUNDAY STUDY: “I am willing,” He said

When He answers prayer, it is "exceedingly more than we can ask or imagine."

SUNDAY STUDY: Two Kinds of Faith

After 34 years of being a practicing Catholic, Mike began to study the Bible in 1981...

SUNDAY STUDY: Ten Reasons Why Christians Should Evangelize

The Church is the corporate dwelling place of God’s Spirit, and the continuing witness to God in the world...

Will The Fed Lose Control In 2021?

Events in 2021 will be the consequence of a developing hyperinflation of the dollar ...

SUNDAY STUDY: More On the Magi

The wise men were searching the skies ..since they knew, from Gabriel’s teachings to Daniel, that the King’s presence was approaching.

Happy New Year 2021!

Paul sums it up best in his resolution to keep his focus on Jesus...

SUNDAY STUDY: But Who Do You Say That I Am?

The Scriptures unfold for us God’s plan to redeem us through One known as the Messiah and Savior...

The Magi Leave For Bethlehem: Merry Christmas 2020!

Did the three gifts for the Christ child originally come from Daniel?